What We Do

Dismas emphasizes the importance of family. Every Monday through Thursday, we gather as a family for the evening meal at 6:30, which is prepared by local volunteers who break bread with our residents. Additionally, Dismas helps reconcile former offenders with society by welcoming both college students and former offenders as residents. These residents live, work, and interact with one another another to form a family.

 Dismas cannot work without the support of its incredible volunteer base. Hundreds of volunteers prepare meals throughout the year and Keenan Hall, from the University of Notre Dame, spend one night a week each to prepare the meal at our house.

If you are interested in helping, please contact our office by phone at 574-233-8522 or email at dismassb@dismas.org. the following opportunities are available:
*Cook (prepare and share a meal one evening)
*Tutor (spend 1 hr/week helping a resident with GED or job skills)
*Student Resident
*Service Projects and Internships

Dismas’ Outreach Coordinator’s long battle makes ex-drug offenders eligible for food stamps in Indiana

To learn more about Cheryl’s journey as she fought to win back the rights of Indiana residents with past drug offense to obtain food stamps by reading this article…


Need help or want to get involved?

We are located in the heart of South Bend.




Dismas House of Indiana



521 S St Joseph St, South Bend, IN 46601


Dismas House of Indiana

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